In its collection, the Axle, Wheel and Carriage Museum in Wiehl presents artefacts dating from prehistoric times to the 21st century, which illustrate the cultural and technological history of the drawn wagon over a period of more than 5 500 years. The last century is demonstrated using the firm and product history of the BPW Bergische Achsen KG in Wiehl.

Owner of the museum

BPW Bergische Achsen KG is a globally acting manufacturer of intelligent running gear systems for trailers and semi-trailers. BPW as a system partner offers the complete trailer running gear, starting with the axle, through suspension and brakes, to telematics applications.

BPW can rely on a global network with 46 own companies and more than 3 200 service partners. By producing and fitting of running gear systems to identical standards, ten production sites, among them in Germany, Russia, Hungary, China, Australia and South Africa, warrant the closeness to the customer, the quality and supplier reliability, for which BPW is renowned in the branch.

Since 1898, BPW has been producing running gear systems and trailer axles at their headquarters in Wiehl near Cologne. The company has been able to realise continuous growth through its power to innovate and is known throughout the world as a reliable partner and supplier of products of the highest quality.

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